From zero to mobile app for your business in minutes.

Built from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for you to give your contacts a personalized mobile experience, all without writing a single line of code.

Is your group or business a day care? restaurant? maid service? courier? repair service? service organization? assisted living service? homeowners association? landscaping service? staffing firm? plumbing service?


If so, and you don't already have your own mobile app, RushHive is a uniquely designed system that allows you to have a central place where customers or others you know have a way of communicating information with you without the overhead of designing your own mobile application.

Allow acquaintenances or customers to make requests of you or your business and let them know when it's complete, all through technology that keeps everything straight for you.

What would your customers see?


When a person "connects" with your organization or business, they will see a page on their device that contains your logo (optional), contact information, links to their previous communications with you and a list of the templates that you have made available for them to use.

After filling out the appropriate fields, they send the request and it comes to you immediately. You can respond with a status update, private message or both.

When you want to send directed messaging to your connections, they receive these messages as push notifications where the full text of the message is available for additional information.

Available on iOS and Android

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How does it work?

Setting up your online account couldn't be simpler

Establish An Account

It's quick and easy. You can register without a credit card to start a free trial to see if RushHive meets your expectations. You'll be asked for the entity name that you want to use and whether or not you'll be visible publically or prefer to operate by invitation only. You can also "brand" yourself by providing a custom logo to use.

Put Together Options for Your Users

Using a drag and drop system, create online forms, or templates, of information that you would like to receive in order to provide services to your connections.

Types of information can include such things as:
Text, Location, Photos, Date, Time, Multi-Select, and much more.

Allow Connections

List yourself in the public directory for people to find, use a barcode, or add the email addresses of people to send an invitation to and they'll be asked to accept a "connection" to your business or organization. Once they do, they can interact with you immediately.

You're Ready!

You can watch everything happen from your dashboard and even send broadcast messages when you have something urgent to convey.

Designed For Mobile Presence

Make your web site forms
more mobile-friendly by availability in an app
Allow customers to engage
your business without the need to call
Use as a help
desk for your business
Create a private communication system between you and customers or staff
Keep your customers informed
using push notifications and real-time chat
Use as part of a marketing
strategy to reach customer mobile devices

Looking for more on the various capabilities of RushHive? We have you covered.


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