Tell Me More About Features

Here are details on just some of the things you can do with RushHive


Provides a way for your connections to communicate requests to you from their mobile device instead of calling, making it more convenient

Status Options

When a client makes a request, let them know how it is progressing with a variety of status options

Direct Marketing

Import email addresses of your connections and send targeted messages to individuals or groups of connections even if they aren't using the mobile app


Sending a request over a mobile device is faster, accurate and more efficiently handled for both customer and business.


Review historical requests to tailor your business based on customer trends.

Barcode Quick Scanning

Feature QR (Barcodes) at your physical location, in your online media, or printed material to allow connections fast access to forms.

Real-Time Chat

Chat directly with your customer when more information is needed

Electronic Records

All transactions are available in a historical view for reference if needed.

Request Filtering

Use tags to form groups within your organization that only receive requests from designated individual or groups of customers/contacts.